Fat 2 Fit: Transforming from the Inside Out

This project has been uniquely designed by Dr. Kendra Mayes and Ms. Felicia Starks who are both certified personal trainers.

This insightful book provides a transparent snap shot into managing practices implemented to sustain a fat-2-fit transformation.

This book will cover many practical fitness applications that will aid in various aspects of life.

This book will share informative tips regarding diverse topics that generally make people discouraged or stagnated in their journey.

As, fitness professionals, we’ve observed sustaining a healthy lifestyle change that involves planning, consistency, motivation and dedication is increasingly difficult for most people.

Our different perspectives, experiences, as well as important topic’s aren't often covered in other fitness guides.

So, we decided to change the game! Offering a different approach to transformation, we believe that FAITH AND FITNESS work in concert when launching a new lifestyle change!

Look Good Stark Naked Recipe Book

You'll find healthy recipes that beef, chicken and seafood lovers, as well as vegan and vegetarian recipes that you will love!

Get your hands on these delicious 21 recipes!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert ideas

Beef, chicken and seafood options

Vegan / Vegetarians options

Great for losing weight

Scaleable recipes make it easy to meal prep

Macros information included

Absolutely Delicious Recipes